Feud’s feud is phenomenal

When FX’s new anthology serial by Ryan Murphy was announced to be about historical feuds between people of some sort of importance, I wondered how such was going to work, but for the fact Ryan Murphy whose works on anthologies – America Horror Story and America Crime Story – argued he could do no wrong, I became interested in watching. I want to say that after 3 episodes I’ve become invested enough to want to see how the 8 episode story will wrap.

Hatred is a powerful tool, Joan and Bette don’t have any shortage of. The hatred is extremely convincing. The complicate feeling of admiration and constant jealousy is obvious and well defined that it gets me wondering how these women actually were in real life.

For those not watching yet, RR recommends Feud – a picture were hatred, anger, and jealousy gets center stage in all of its feminine glory. Ryan Murphy can do no wrong… he’s a production god, and that speaks so much about his choice of cast and crew.

Feud airs on FX, Sundays.


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