TV Review: Into The Badlands (S02 E01)

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Six months have passed since we left the Badlands.

Into the Badlands is back! After more than a year away, AMC’s hit is back for a 10 episode story. Last time we left this world, Sunny (our favorite Clipper) was expecting his first child and leaving the Badlands, the was Baron dead, and chaos everywhere. In this episode, we’re shown just how much things can go wrong within 6 months.

Sunny is somewhere outside the Badlands and is a property of a wealthy merchant who forces all his subjects to mine for him. For whatever reason, Sunny tries to escape but doesn’t go full Clipper-mode that we all know he can, and is captured again. We are made to understand he’s been separated from the love of his life for a while. His attempts to escape and be reunited with her is further frustrated when one man who recognized him as a Clipper from the Badlands, ousts him, and reports to the Merchant.

Into the Badlands - Sunny.jpg
Sunny in captive.

In the Badlands, in the wake of Baron Quinn’s son, his incompetent son have taken over as Baron, and is already making bad leadership choices. For whatever reason that he could keep The Widow’s oil refinery to himself, he’s quickly proven wrong, and his fragile wife spared by the second to deliver a message to him, should he try to take back the refinery, there will be more bloodshed, and most of which would be his. At this point, I’ already in love with Widow – she’s awesome, and her daughter is just as awesome as she is.

M.K. is somewhere in training with other kids with special abilities. M.K.’s storyline in this premiere gave me the vibes of Iron Fist all over again (martial arts and all.)

The episode left us with one big reveal – Baron Quinn is not just alive, but is the one taking care of Sunny’s woman and new born. Things are about to get further complicated – This is the Badlands, and no one is innocent here.

Into the Badlands airs Sundays on AMC.



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