So Far This Season: 24: Legacy

In the year 2001, a TV series that redefined the meaning of action thriller premiered on Fox. That TV series went on 9 seasons; that TV series was, 24. Now, that series is back, though with a new cast it is continuing the legacy and it is rightly titled 24: Legacy.

Eric Carter is our hero; definitely not Jack Bauer but he’ll do; I particularly like his background story – an ex Army Ranger who has returned to America, and the trouble that follows him back, compelling him to ask Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) to save his life, and potentially stopping the largest terrorist attacks on American soil (Wikipedia). Not bad if you ask me.

The action doesn’t take long to start, bringing the thrills of the original 24 back to long time fans. Though many might see the casting of lead, Eric Carter (played by Corey Hawkins) a big deviation from Keifer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer, his performance so far has been superb; he was able to grab my attention from the first half of the premiere episode(s).

Story so far:

Eric Carter served his country by leading a team of men against a terrorist group, killing the leader, Sheik Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, in the process. Now living under a new identity with his wife Nicole he receives a call from one of his teammates, Ben Grimes, who informs him that Bin-Khalid’s people have killed the other four of their teammates, leaving both of them as the remaining survivors. This begins the story for another long day in TV story-telling. With each episode occurring over one hour of real time, 24: Legacy follows in the steps of its predecessor (24).

Eric Carter and Ben Grimes.

Rebecca Ingram (played by Miranda Otto) – the leader of the CTU as at when Eric and his team were in service is naturally the only person he trusts. The problem now is that she’s no longer i charge, and has no security clearance for the kind of operation the situation at hand requires. Rebecca’s husband, John Donovan, is a Senator of the USA, a presidential aspirant, a good man at heart who’s political aspiration’s caught up in the shenanigans of threats of terrorism, so far to the point that his father was the one who leaked the new identities of the late soldiers to the enemy so he could win the election. Rebecca, not able to stand the lies of her father-in-law (Henry Donovan) arranges for him to be hijacked and the truth flushed out of him one way or the other; this act’s sure to put a strain in her already strained marriage.

We also have the Carters… Eric, his brother Issac, and his wife Nicole… It doesn’t take long to figure out there’s something of a love triangle between them. Sometime in an unspecified past, Eric stole Nicole from Issac; worse is the fact that after all these while Nicole still has feelings for him. Eric charged Issac with keeping Nicole safe before he went on his self-sent mission of saving America, of which Issac’s been doing a horrible job.

The main villain of the story, Jadalla Bin-Khalid, the son of the late Bin-Khalid hasn’t really impressed up till this point; save for the time he shot one of his father’s most trusted henchman in the forehead at close range, he hasn’t really been an interesting villain to watch. Yes, he’s the leader of all the terrorist acts we’ve witnessed so far, he still has a long way to go before cementing his name as a villain we love to hate.

The trio villain – Amira, Harris, and Khasan – have been delight to watch; though their end was tragic, it did have its up side till the very end. Amira and Khasan are siblings of the Islamic faith – they’re one of the fifteen sleeper cells waiting for Jadalla’s activation all over The United States of America. Harris is a high school Chemistry teacher in a relationship with Amira. The siblings’ father disapproves of their actions but Amira is too in love with her brother that she sacrifices a good boy looking after her wellbeing, her father’s love, and her life to continue with their mission. Harris killed Khasan for the love of Amira, Amira killed Harris for the love of Khasan, and killed herself also for the love of Khasan. Haha!
The time as at episode 7 where this review stops is 6:00p.m. – 7:00p.m., we’re heading to night time, and with 5 episodes to go the story is about to get more interesting.

24: Legacy airs Mondays on Fox.


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