Rinzy Reviews: Into The Badlands s1

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In commemoration of the season 2 premiere of martial arts series – Into the Badlands – RR brings you a short review of what went on in the first season.

Sunny – the main protagonist, is martial arts expert who goes on a wild journey with a young boy (M.K.) who holds a dark energy inside of him. Together they battle various forces of evil in the badlands – The Barons, Widow and co. etc.

Into the badlands - Sunny.jpg
Sunny in action.

The bulk of the story-line though confusing at first make better sense on re-watch.

Into the Badlands’success stems from its novel approach to the old idea of martial art in movies. The post-apocalyptic feel of the Badlands mixed with blends of modern day tech, though not unique still makes it interesting to watch the show. Sunny’s martial art skills are particularly worthy to note, and worth the long wait to the season 2 premiere.

Into The Badlands airs Sundays on AMC.


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