The Originals’ Back!

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The Originals’ back!

Season 4 just premiered and there are a lot of things to catch up to this season. Klaus is still in trouble… Hope is grown…. Five years have passed. There’s so much to catch up to! Since the acts of s03’s finale.

When we left last season, Freya put all of the Mikelsons (herself included) into a magical sleep to avoid Marcel’s wrath and newfound powers. Vincent puts us to speed on where we left New Orleans last – Cami’s death, Klaus’ defeat, severing of the Ancestral spirits to the witches of NOLA, etc. It’s a new dawn and there’s been relative peace for the last five years.

We’re soon introduced to our first Mikelson – Hope: all grown, smart, and beautiful, five years into the future. Hope wants her mother to reunite their family; and that has kept Hayley going the last five years.

Talking about the peace in New Orleans; there’s always been those wanting to bring trouble to the city on the annual celebration of Klaus’ downfall. As the anniversary approaches and people start to show up – one of such that arrive is Alistair. Sired by Klaus, Alistair holds a long time grudge against his sire for making him watch as his wife and child were murdered years back. It doesn’t take long for Alistair to challenge Marcel’s decision to keep Klaus (who’s the reason why the other Originals are still alive, according to his witches). Marcel agrees to a standoff at the wretched Mikelson’s compound. Klaus was brought out to the glaring view of Vampires, Witches and co. It doesn’t take long for Klaus to take charge of the show and sink his fangs into Alistair’s neck, killing him.

TO - Klaus and Marcel.jpg
Klaus and Marcel

Alistair had sent his men against Hayley, in a move to kill her because he believed she was the one helping to keep Elijah (and the other Originals) alive. We got to see Hayley in a lot of bad-ass Hybrid and full-wolf glory. A newly revived Hayley, revives Elijah, who then helps to finish off the last two men out to kill Hayley.

There’s the talk of a cult-like witch group with a particular fetish sigil hosting secret meetings at night, planning ways to unseat Marcel probably to claim Klaus for themselves. I believe this cult will he of utmost importance for the remainder of this season. Most intriguing is the fact that Hope (at the last scene of the episode) is shown to be having recurring nightmares of the sigil, as evident from the many paintings of it she’s made.

The Sigil

Last point to note is Vincent’s possible love interest. Ever since Vincent was introduced as a new vessel for Finn in season two, he’s been a consistent embodiment of magic… the go-to guy should any of the major character want a spell. So it seems appropriate that his story-arch should be expanded to include s possible love interest – Maxine: a single mother who’s also a witch – judging from the fact that Maxine’s son was possibly kidnapped at the end of the episode, both adults night be spending lots of time together.

In all, this was a decent season premiere, taking its time to establish new story-lines that surely will see this smaller 13 episode season have closely knitted story with no room for filler-episodes.

The Originals airs Fridays on The CW.



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