TVD Villains Gallery

In memory of the series that warmed our hearts for 8 years with different awesome story-lines (though many may say it lost its mojo towards the end), we at RR compiled a list of the most memorable villains to grace the town of Mystic Fallls. This list includes only those who have actually stepped into Mystic Falls at least once in any time period (sorry awesome villains of The Originals); the worthiest of these villains mentioned below caused our heroes great heartaches. And they are:


1. Isobel Flemming: Introduced late in the second season as an ally of Katherine, also revealed to be Elena’s birth mother that jilted her lover (Alaric) for a life of Vampirism, it’s no wonder why this woman should make our list of horrible TVD villains.

TVD - Isobel.jpg

2. The Mikelsons a.k.a. The Originals: What would the world of TVD be without the first family; absolutely boring I’d say. Every member of this family was so intriguing that they were given a spin-off series to deal with their 1000 years rich family history. I remember with nostalgia during season 3 when Klaus lived in constant fear that his siblings would get tired and abandon their always and forever promise to stick with him to continually evade their father – Papa Mikelson.


3. Evil-Alaric: A villain born of the direct consequence of having The Original family in town. In the 3rd season, Ester (Mama Mikelson) wanted to rid the world of Vampires, the abominations she has had to live a 1000 years regretting their creations, she had the perfect opportunity to create the baddest Vampire killing machine since Mikel, and also had the perfect idea to control his life span by tethering him to human-Elena’s life.

TVD - Evil Alaric.jpg

4. Humanity-less Elena: Though not as awesome as Katherine, it was good to see Elena not care about anything for a while.

TVD - Evil Elena.jpg

5. Professsor Shane: The creepy Professor who wanted nothing other than to creep on Bonnie to fulfill his wild fantasy of having a mental orgy with an immortal creature. Nah! I’m just kidding. But, Atticus Shane was very creepy, and because of his actions, Bonnie suffered, and Grams too.

TVD - Aticus Shane.jpg

6. Connor (The Vampire Hunter): Maybe he isn’t a very awesome villain, but he gets points for birthing a story-line that gave Jeremy something tangible to do other than just being Elena’s kid bro.

TVD - Connor.jpg

7. Qetsiyah: It isn’t easy to be the only female crazy enough to be compared side by side Katherine. Though Qetsiyah had a short-lived appearance on TVD, she was a memorable villain; she brought the feel of what it feels like to be scorn by a lover who doesn’t reciprocate your advances. Another point, she created the other side – a magical world that parallels the real world to contain souls of dead supernaturals – just to punish the woman who stole her lover. Ha Ha!!

TVD - Qetsiyah.jpg

8. Silas: Behind every scorned woman is a man responsible. Silas who the anti- to Qetsiyah’s love. Silas was a very powerful psychic who fed on blood to keep things going. He had the entire town of Mystic Falls under his spell; talk about might. He was a replica of Stefan, the first doppelganger, this brought us into the doppelganger theory that explained why Elena looked just like Katherine.

TVD - SIlas.jpg

9. Markos: Maybe not the best TVD has done in terms of villains, but Markos gets a mention because of his mission to rid the world of supernaturals, one town after the other. He chased our heroes away from their home which gives him some points.

TVD - MArkos.png

10. Dr. Wes Maxfield:  The Augustine trained Doctor who wanted nothing more than to rid the world of Vampires by creating even deadlier Vampires that feed on their kind until they get to extinction.

TVD - Dr. Wes.jpg

11. Kai Parker: Crazy kid with a crazy Twitter handle (@cobrakai94) Haha! Kai brought into TB+VD’s 6th season something viewers missed – a memorable villain they would love to hate. Kai is a psycho, a sociopath, there’s no reasoning with his kind in any form: the guy killed his pregnant twin sister, wiped out his entire family, and alternated the life-span of two best-friends, should one die the other starts living again. He was a well written villain that’ll spend the rest of his life in a new prison world created by none other than the rescued daughters of the twin sister he murdered; crime doesn’t pay, karma’s a b*tch.

TVD - Kai.jpg


12. Katherine Pierce: The biggest, baddest b*itch of all, all hail Katerina Petrova, the woman who’s been through it all and still survived, unscathed. The woman who in live had affected the lives of every of our main characters. Even in death, she still rose up the ranks and proved her worth as the everlasting big bad to the heroes of Mystic Falls. What is a good story without a memorable villain? Katherine made up fall in love with TVD, that sometimes it was hard knowing it was the same actress who played her and Elena (big ups to Nina Dobrev).

TVD - Katherine.jpg



So there you have RR’s list on TVD’s most memorable villains. TVD may have ended, gone, but not forgotten.





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