The Wrath of Savitar

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The Flash returned this week with the 15th episode of its 3rd season and I must confess it was entertaining in its own right as compared to most lackluster episodes that have plagued this season. As the title suggests the episode is a Savitar-centric one, and it does justice with moving the main plot of the season forward. The reason for Wally becoming a speedster at the hands of Alchemy was revealed and the end-game was sad for Wally.

The Flash - Savitar.jpg

The episode picked up in momentum with Wally not just seeing Savitar but his actions and personal surrounding being influenced by the god of speed. After confessing to the team and making a lot of stupid choices to fight off the hold Savitar has on him, Wally played directly into the hand of the bully who has vowed to kill his sister. He gave Savitar the things he needed to escape his prison in the multifaceted speedforce – the philosopher stone and a speedster replacement with the same kind of speed to match his. What I could understand from the latter was that, the speedforce worked on a cost and effect principle, to get something out of it, another thing must be gifted in exchange. Emphasis on the word ‘must’ because Wally was immediately sucked into the speedforce the moment Savitar’s return to earth became inevitable.

Team Flash is wrecked by emotions, because not only did they lose Wally (who’s suppose to be the one fast enough to save Iris), the future is becoming all the more set in stone, everything to effect Iris’ death is coming to past.

I did notice Savitar had lesser speed when he returned to form; it could be that he’s weak and needs time to reinvigorate fully into his freedom, or it could be another lapse from the producers simply because the episode wasn’t focusing on his speed.

Caitlyn yet again has another love interest, in the person of former Archaeologist but now forensic scientist, Julian. Something tells me that just like her other two relationships this wouldn’t last; it could even be the suffering of a heartbreak that causes her to go into full-blown Killer-Frost mode, because the show has dealt a lot of energy into establishing Julian as her connection to her humanity.

In all, this episode was decent, but not strong enough to catapult The Flash into the list of series I am currently passionate about.


The Flash airs, Tuesdays on The CW.


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