TVD’s Soundtrack

In loving memory of a show that warmed our hearts for the 8 years it was on air, we’re going to talk about one aspect of TVD that remained consistent – its soundtrack.

Beautiful tracks week after week, TVD have us the best of songs we could wish for at the exact scene were emotions were required to be invoked. From unknown artists to well vast artists TVD crossed all walks of life.
My favorite tracks are:

Sigur Ros a Oelaea (S03 E23 (finale)) – When Elena died and became a Vampire.

Lorde’s Royals (S05E01) – When Elena, Caroline, and Ghost-Bonnie made it to college.

Rihanna’s Stay (S04 E19) – When Bonnie dances with Jeremy (Silas)

All Raign songs (Don’t let me go, When it’s all over, etc) – Sometimes I think Raign has a deal with Julie Plec to have her songs well featured on the show; she’s a terrific artist though.

For more tracks on TVD, click here.

TVD series finale will air on Friday, 10/03/2017 on The CW.


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