FX New Series – Feud

Feud gives us the Jessica Lange we have missed from American Horror Story.

Feud is a story about two elderly woman in desperate need of a come back to Hollywood. They star in the same movie even though they hate each other.


With a current rating of:

8.8/10 · IMDb

90% · Rotten Tomatoes

Feud season one properly subtitled Bette and Joan is of to a very good start. The premiere episode was very good, Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange bring out the very best in them as the titular characters. Set in 1962, Hollywood has not much time for aged one time movie stars; Joan wants a comeback to continue living her life of affluence after the death of her husband. Bette who had accepted fate and moved on to Broadway is approached by Joan with a proposal to be the lead in a new picture titled – What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? It doesn’t take long for this woman to be at each other’s throat; with a mixture of of respect and pain (as Joan put it) this woman are of to a long time of animosity and destruction.

What makes Feud’s premiere particularly nice is its ability to exist on its own without really depending on the mighty ability of its Producer, Ryan Murphy (the brain behind American Horror Story).

I’m already hooked, and I think Feud is off to a great start, so much that it has already been renewed for a second season with a focus on Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Feud airs Sundays on FX.


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