So far this season: The Flash

Fresh, and just premiering on Rinzy Reviews is ‘so far this season.’This is a platform where the current season of various TV shows will be analysed to know how well they’re doing with the viewers.

Today we’ll be discussing the third season of The Flash. Currently in its 14th episode, The Flash has been a mixture of lackluster and thorough-mundane.

Unlike the first two seasons where team Flash has had to fight a masked speedster and struggle to identify who’s behind the mask, they opted for another route of story-telling, and it isn’t working.


The thrill viewers once felt watching episode week after week piecing clues left on the trail to deciphering who the Reverse Flash (S1) and Zoom (S2) was, that’s what made those seasons very enjoyable. This present season, what we have is a robotic/alien villain in the form of Savitar, who’s CGI is extremely unpleasant to the eye. Alchemy who was the first thrill of the season was quickly unmasked as a means of bringing Julian into the fold (Julian, who in my opinion isn’t needed on team Flash). All we have to look forward to this season is Barry trying hard to avert Iris’ death and Caitlin not going full-blown Killer Frost. (Not good!)

Recently in bad memory is the ‘Attack on Gorilla City’ two-part story, the CGI was horrible, and the story unnecessary; we get people loved Grodd in his little appearances in the seasons before now, but bringing him full fledged in a two episode story when The CW’s budget isn’t worthy enough to handle is a no no!

I think the problem this season started when the producers opted to have a taste of the flashpoint paradox storyline but couldn’t handle it effectively, and everything since then (including Iris and Barry’s love story) has been a bad taste of a meal that’s lost its scent while still cooking.

The Flash airs on The CW, Tuesdays by 8pm.


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