Gorilla Grodd returns to The Flash

BBM Channel: COO4AAOEA. Twitter: RinzyReviews.

This is proving to be another big event in The Flash TV Series. Last time we saw Grodd, he was banished by The Flash into a jungle in Earth 2 that we know as Gorilla City. Now, he is back, and it certainly is with a vendetta.
At the end of The Flash S03 E12, Jesse arrived from Earth 2 seeking Wally’s help because Grodd has her father (Harry). Episodes 13 and 14  have been confirmed to be stories that deal with Grodd. Rightly titled, Attack on Gorilla City; it sure looks promising from the promo trailer. Click here to watch the promo trailer.


Grodd is one of Flash’s oldest and constantly resonating foes. The Flash TV Series have done him justice twice, and we’re hoping they nail this especially as it is the first journey to Gorilla City.


Attack on Gorilla City airs tonight, Tuesday 21/02/2017, and will be available for download tomorrow morning.

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