The Nun

If you’ve watched The Conjuring 2, then, you have no problem recognizing the creepy nun – the demon, Valak. It took the appearance of a nun to wreck havoc on our favorite paranormal investigator couple, Ed and Loraine.

Apparently, The Conjuring 2 made so much money like its predecessor, that Warner Bros., ordered a spin-off for one of its villain’s representation, just as they did with Annabelle (the most creepy doll since Chucky.)


In real-life mythology, many believe Valak to be the Great President of Hell, with over 30 legions of demons at his command. Valak is said to give true answers about hidden treasures; he reveals where serpents can be seen and delivers them harmless to the magician. Valak is also said to appear as a small poor boy who has angel wings and rides on a two-headed dragon.


Now, that Valak, the evil nun, has been confirmed to headline its own movie, I want to know if you’ll be willing to watch: I found the nun very creepy each time it appeared on The Conjuring 2.

The Nun doesn’t have an official release date yet. We’ll inform you when it does.


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