TV Review: TVD S08 E10

Nostalgia’s a bitch – That’s the title of the tenth episode of the eighth season of The Vampire Diaries, adapted from an episode in the second season something Damon said to Anna when she was reminiscing the life she never had.


I must state here that I grade this episode an A! It was beautifully executed. Many deceased characters were brought to the screen again, without the usual drama of being brought back to life that TVD is known for.

How was this done? Read on.

The episode wastes no time in showing a catatonic Damon, fresh from the after-effect of having his humanity involuntarily restored by Sybil. Caroline and Bonnie attempt to hitch a ride into the mighty puzzle that is Damon’s head, but are sent back when all they see is a burning Damon in pain- this is his defense mechanism at refusing to own up to the many atrocities he’d committed without his humanity. The ladies reach out to Sybil, who agrees to help if only they’d return The Bell to her (the only weapon that can hurt a Siren). Sybil’s sister, Seline has plans of her own to use The Bell to unleash Hell Fire’s and wipe all of Mystic Falls (this is its true function as she revealed). Stefan finds this plan enticing as it would send lots of souls Cade’s way.

Over the course of the episode we got to see dead characters we’ve missed such as, Vicki Donovan, Sheriff Liz Forbes, Bonnie’s Grams. All these appearances felt organic, something TVD has been lacking in executing most of its story-lines for a while now.


At the end of the episode, Damon had finally forgiven Stefan for turning him into a Vampire, and also apologized to Matt for killing his sister. Stefan was locked up, and Cade now has a foothold in our world, thanks to Matt who was compelled to ring the mystical bell if he couldn’t forgive Damon for killing Vicki. Matt rang the bell eleven out of the twelve required times to unleash hell’s fire on all of Mystic Falls. Cade killed the Siren sisters to announce his presence.

Thanks to Damon, the whole of Mystic Falls’ alive to fight another day.

Another thing that made this episode superb, is the lack of Elena, either through flashback or mention of her name. I must confess, I’m tired of hearing everyone whine incessantly about her importance, or lack of.

What did you think about this episode? Let me know in the comment box. If you have given up on The Vampire Diaries, I implore you to check this episode out, you’d love it.


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