The Search for Stiles.

Stiles is back!

At the end of last week’s episode of Teen Wolf (S06E09), we were treated to plenty nostalgic moments.

TV series have perfected the act of tying early seasons into current story-lines – this is for long running series (greater than five seasons).

Teen Wolf made us understand the concept of friendship and true love in this episode.

Stiles has been missing for the greater part of the season, and in episode 8, The Pack discovered they could facilitate his return by opening a new rift, which could only be possible if one remembered Stiles by threading on their established connection.

Scott tried but the many memories he and Stiles have had since forever were too much to filter through. Next was Malia, she almost froze to death in her memory. Lydia, was the one who made the perfect connection, by locking on to the memory were she kissed Stiles in S03E11. This memory facilitates the rift, and showed someone standing in the dark of the bright light.


The preview for the next episode already showed Stiles with the remainder of The Pack, a Scott on full Alpha mode, and Lydia using her Banshee power. The story is almost gone full circle, and it is time to know the full extent of what, Mr. Douglas a.k.a. Nazi-Wolf wants.


1. I’d love to see the dynamic used to bring back everyone from the Ghost-Rider’s train station back to Beacon Hills, how the episode establishes the second half of the season, for us to say our final goodbyes to Teen Wolf, after six awesome years of Supernatural entertainment.

2. It is very possible that the person into the light isn’t Stiles.


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