TV News – Nina Dobrev returning to TVD

Actress, Nina Dobrev, who has given us some of the most memorable characters on The Vampire Diaries (TVD), will  be returning for the series finale. She made the announcement on her Instagram handle hours ago when she posted an image of her script for the sixteenth and final episode of the CW hit show.


I am particularly excited, because this means that I’ll get to see that face that made me smile for many years. Whichever form she will be appearing, as Elena, or as my beloved Katherine, I do not mind; seeing her on screen will be fulfilling enough, especially after the long draught.



When Elena was put in a magical coma during the sixth season finale, many fans were devastated. I, for one was happy: In recent years, the character of Elena had been so whiny, and annoying, that I wished for a world without Elena. After two years of that, I’ll say I’ve had enough, and it is the  best time to end. I am happy TVD is finally ending, it has been living on straws drawn by its glorious days of times past. We’ve seen everything there is to… and there isn’t anyone more suited to bring everyone’s story-line to a perfect end.



There is one problem. According to Kai’s threat in the season finale, Elena only comes back to life if Bonnie dies. He claimed the spell to be witch-proof, devoid of any loophole. But, this is TVD, there is always a loophole to every spell. It’s time to rack our heads to figure out how Nina Dobrev’s return (most probably a Elena) is going to happen.


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