Which is your best Spiderman?

So far, we’ve met three recent iterations of the Spiderman.

  • Toby Macguire’s
  • Andrew Garfield’s, and
  • Tom Holland.

As we anticipate the release of Spiderman: Homecoming – the marriage between Marvel and Sony, we can’t help but mince words, and through banters.

Who is your favorite Spiderman?

Mine, should still be Toby Macguire’s.


I thought Andrew Garfield’s performances to be more about the display of being in  a better age of technology, and Tom’s to be too early to judge (though his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, was a delight to keep re-watching.)

Which of these three do it for you, as the Spiderman you love?

Meanwhile, Tom Holland recently said that his version of Spiderman will win a battle against the other two versions. His version is quite strong I’ll give him then… you never can tell.


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