How do we start?

Over the course of this holiday I’ve got a lot of movies on my laptop waiting for me to devour. Fresh ones, old ones I’ll like to re-watch, and old ones I haven’t watched before, all begging for my attention, and hoping I pick them first.

I’ve triumphed in watching a few already: Slum dog millionaire (HW, 2008), The Conjuring 2 (HW, 2016), The Visit (NW, 2015), and Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen (HW, 2009). I accomplished these feats all on Christmas day, that is to tell you how bored I am here.

Before the advent of the holidays I tried so hard to watch a lot of the miniseries I have been hoarding: Westworld s1, Stranger Things s1, American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson, Orphan Black s4, Narcos s1&2, Marvel’s Luke Cage s1, and a host of others I can’t seem to easily recall.

The sermon here is that I’ll start my reviews from the list of films I’ve recently watched, and as time goes on, even as the fall break of most series comes to an end, I’ll have a specific schedule for my programming. I promise to find an easy way to segment my posts so that movies and TV series posts don’t cluster.

I believe we’ll have a nice time here, as I’ll try as much as possible to breakdown the stories/plots using easily understandable languages.

Lest I forget, I’m a big fan of story telling; watching too many movies has caused my eyes and mind to be unholy to the point that they itch to create their own. So, I think i may be posting one stories I have come up with, with the hope that you find my story-lines captivating, and worthy to tune I’m regularly to continue reading.

My name is Rinzy Talius Dike, and I welcome you to Rinzy Reviews.

NW: Hollywood
HW: Hollywood

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